Fixing a small Black and Decker chest freezer

February 19, 2023

We were given a used small 5 cu ft Black and Decker chest freezer a few years ago and it recently stopped working.

It would draw about 8.7A for a few seconds and the thermal shutoff would click and then it would drop down to nothing and repeat. I tried to cool off the compressor but it didn't do anything.

Side panel removed

After taking it apart my dad suggested trying a new start capacitor so we ordered one online.

Compressor cover removed

It is the little white device that plugs onto the compressor pins. It's labeled A1H8 on the side and 115V 3012-5A on the top. We found one online for $8.

Start capacitor

Start capacitor

After putting the new one it and plugging it in, it started back up and is now down to the normal temp. Nice!