New site

July 07, 2021

Welcome to my new site! In another step to de-google myself I decided to ditch the materialize theme and use an ubuntu flavor via the vanilla framework.

I also dropped mongodb and moved to postgres. Both are supported by atom-db.

Finally I added a dashboard using enaml-web and golden-layout. The dashboard has a "wagtail" like flavor where a page is composed of a list of blocks. The blocks are defined using an atom model and and each block has it's own enaml view which can be nested (depending on the block).

Here's a short demo of the dashboard:


It all updates in realtime. The unique thing I suppose is that entire dashboard is a single request handler with about 100 lines of python and a single ~500 line js file (2.7kb compressed) (excluding golden layout and the code and md editors which are just linked in). The site is 99% python/enaml.

Hope you like it! Have a great day.