DeclaraCAD clipping planes and editor updates

September 01, 2018

DeclaraCAD now supports clipping planes, more editing functionally, and the drawing components have been refactored to improve speed!

Clipping planes is a simple, yet useful feature that allows you to "cut" visually into each axis to view internal parts. See the following demonstration:

DeclaraCAD clip planes

You can add clipping for each axis and there's sliders to drag where to clip into each end of the view.

If you haven't noticed, I've been working on modeling the engraver I recently picked up. I'm doing it completely in DeclaraCAD, including the spindle, rails, stepper motors, etc.. without any stl files! It's coming along but it takes time.

My end goal with this is to have DeclaraCAD support CAM features and be like a 3D Inkcut. Here's a simple 8000 point G-Code file parsed into DeclaraCAD:

DeclaraCAD rendering a gcode path

I've refactored the drawing primitives to be more simplified, they now just take a point list instead of a separate node for each point. I am investigating integrating other CAM libraries or building my own using OCC directly.

Other updates include , basic editor features, like code folding, find and replace, goto line, and an outline view for making editing within DeclaraCAD better.

That's all for now!